Tell me about your Estate Analyst

Estate prep, downsizing, senior moves and more...

Our estate analyst specializing in estate settlements and executor services is local to the market and has a keen understanding of market conditions and key relationships to insure a turn key solution for estate sales, moving, cleaning, home repairs and real estate contacts.

At Estates To Go, the estate analyst uses proprietary Estate View technology and systems to catalog and share the contents and condition of the estate and the estate plan via the internet.

When your loved ones are miles and miles away and need to downsize, relocate or settle the family estate, our turnkey service can complete an online catalog to enable all family members to view and disposition items. This resolves family conflict and provides a central decision point for disposition.This has our clients "in the home" with us connecting all remote family members at the same time for example in Arizona, California or Florida.

Our Estate View technology balances the emotions with the practical and enables the family to determine what needs to be sold or what will be retained and shipped.


Senior Moving  Estate Analyst

When Seniors can no longer live safely in their homes due to illness or aging, Estates To Go gives families the resources it needs to balance the emotions of a senior move. 
Estates To Go ... sorting through cherished memories with care.

Downsizing Estate Analyst

Estates To Go  can help you settle in and make the new place feel like home. We assess the new floor plan, your lifestyle and pre plan your move.  No need for your list, we have everything covered.
Estates To Go .... for living life

Estate Sales    - Estate Analyst

Specialists in liquidating personal belongings from the loss of a family loved one.
Be there from miles away with Estate View

Why Estates to Go?

Estates To Go offers executor and estate settlement services. Many family executors will find even simple estates time consuming and complex. Our executor services assists the family post funeral and covers all details from securing the contents, content appraisal and value. Our executor settlement works with all family members with Estate View technology for fast disposition. Estate Concierge service handles all the details including estate liquidation, moving, pack and ship, home repairs, ready real estate for sale, junk and trash removal and more. While our approach is custom to each family and executor needs, we offer transparent pricing based on home size (square footage) and length of occupancy.