Estate Sale Secrets

Mission focused - always providing value

For estate sellers, we make the market for buyers and sellers with our large following, value pricing and old fashion service. Our sales reach on average 3,300 potential buyers, wholesalers and dealers. We are dealer friendly and provide professional movers by Boston Moves To Go at every sale so buyers can buy with confidence.

 Professional delivery and set up is always available for large items.

We are selective with our clients to insure we are always providing the value and solution they need.

  • We appraise and value price all items to go while balancing seller and buyer expectations.
  • We created   "floor and ceiling" pricing like the stock market "ask bid" spread.
  • We try to make all our sales fun and entertaining.
  • We were first in market for on line estate selling with our BUY NOW store
  • We provide all services with one call  - moving, packing, delivery, cleaning and more.
  • We consult with attorneys, financial planners, estate planners, real estate brokers and more.
  • We help realtors market real estate.
  • We make the complicated simple.
  • We have answers.
  • We have solutions.

Make the Market

Connecting buyers and sellers in all ways possible:

  • Custom email notifications
  • Who buys that site
  • Social media following
  • Specialty dealers and store buyers
  • We help real estate brokers sell homes faster.
  • Media advertising
  • ETGTV Video Channel

Best in Class Estate Services

Our best testimonial is our last customer. We never provide online outdated testimonials. We will always share our most recent customers for a reference. 

We give back and donate many needed unsold items to local organizations including Boston's HomeStart. Learn more about Home Start organization or donate your unwanted items directly or drop them off at our next sale.