40,000 pounds in 40 years!

Not everyone has a houseful of priceless antiques, but everyone has stuff. Baby boomers have collected the most stuff and then some. With 80 million baby boomers being orphaned by their parents, they are inheriting – like it or not more stuff.
Recently, we emptied an estate for a widow downsizing to elderly housing. Her home contained over 40,000 pounds of stuff collected over 40 years. Past hobbies included gun smithing, Look and Life magazine collections, glassware, lumber, blocks, and a wide assortment of simply too much to move.

Where do you start?

First – a floor plan of the new apartment and sizing the basics for furniture – what will fit and what is needed. We determined selling 3 sofas and buying a new one to fit a better lifestyle fit in the new apartment. We then moved the rest and set up the new pad!

Once we picked out what needed to be kept, we got to work on cataloging and valuing the rest. We started by eliminating 10,000 pounds of hazardous waste, broken glass, lumber, paint and gas. Proper disposal giving us room to sort and spend time on the sale-able items.

We collected all the family mementos, photographs and personal and packed along for family distribution.
Our sale took place and house was cleaned out in 3 weeks total.
Everyone was happy, grateful and relieved from the family burden.