Do I qualify for an Estate Sale?

Many Time the value is in the Real Estate but the house needs to be emptied for a staging and sale

If you are in clear legal possession of the home contents, you can have an estate sale.
What should I do for an Estate Sale?

Determine which items will not be sold and have those items removed. Determine which items will not be sold with the real estate and exclude from the sales listing.

Do I need to clean up first before the estate sale?

No. Do not clean sort or throw anything out. We make a market for everything and you would be surprised what will sell.  We are professionals and provide a turnkey service with no burden to you  or any family member.

What other considerations?

Do not disconnect any utilities to enable onsite sales, cleaning and repairs.

How do you sell the home contents?

Once the items are cataloged and valued, we will review if it is best to have a whole house estate sale, auction, bulk liquidation or collector sale.

How will prices be set?

Generally, the local market will determine demand and prices. You can set a reserve on any item that is not sold as long as you intend to have it shipped or removed. Our goal is to sell to the walls at best prices. Contents fall into six categories; junk, charity donation, local estate sale, specialty buyer or online.

Do I need to be present?

No. Our value is planning with you to determine the values, approach and develop a clear understanding of your expectations. At Estate Resolution Pros, we execute on your behalf.